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  • All Mountain goes all customized

    We are very happy when our customers show personality and choose something a bit different. In this case, our friends from All Mountain just erupted! Besides the super cool “Lamborghini Orange” color they chose for their bike, the handlebars and the pedals they added after the assembling turned the bike into a real masterpiece. Enjoy …

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  • “Boy and bicycle”

    “Boy and bicycle” This is how Alexander’s stolen bicycle story ends.

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  • Pulse Cycles with third consecutive participation at EWS

    For second year Pulse Cycles takes part at the EWS. Dobromir Dobrev and Simeon Pavlov participated in the fourth edition of EWS, which was between 28th of June and 1st of July. For first time of its history it happened to be a race in two countries at the same time – Slovenia and Austria. …

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  • Day 79th. Filip slowly moving forward and the exhaustion growing up.

    Day 79th. Filip slowly moving forward and the exhaustion growing up. Yesterday he decided to take a day off to fix his damaged gear, and get his bicycle dialled. The heat and the rough terrain are great challenge for him and the gear he carries on. Mostly he counts on his bicycle from Pulse Cycles, …

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  • electric city bike pulse cycles

    MRT at its finest

    Not too long ago, we introduced you some of the 2018 models including the new electric, city bike MRT, which was with no lights, mud guards, kickstand and luggage carrier at the moment. Now you can check it out absolutely complete, and fully packed with all the accessories that comes with. Enjoy it 😊  

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  • Kristian Kirilov with 2nd place in Vitosha 100

    Despite a crash in the first part of the race, Kristian Kirilov managed to finish the duathlon in second place overall.  “With this bike, I was faster on the downhills than I usually go with my own, but there was a hole that I didn’t see, so I hit it and I crashed.  I hit …

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  • Pulse Cycles aiming for a podium at Vitosha 100

    Few days before the start of Vitosha 100 bicycle failure almost ruined the chance of Kristian Kirilov to participate in the race. Go4, who is one of Kristian’s main sponsors has approached Pulse asking to manage the unpleasant situation. Despite the short period of time, we were able to assemble a great XC machine that …

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  • This Saturday in “This Saturday and Sunday” on btv – about vegan life, cycling and how important is to keep your pulse rate good

    Stanislav Grabchev and Alexander Minchev will share some information with us about how important is the fueling, the workout, the recovery and to keep your pulse rate good for one vegan-cross country racer. We think that maintaining a good Pulse is always important, no matter if you’re racing or not 😊

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  • The ultramarathon runner Krasi Georgiev attacks Vitosha 100 with Pulse STR1 bike

    The ultramarathon runner Krasi Georgiev decided to switch the traditional running with something a bit more interesting – cycling. In his opinion 100 kilometers is not long enough distance for running. “By the time I get warmed up the race will end” – Krasi is joking. Here is Pulse Cycles coming to give Krasi a …

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